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Welcome to du Fermier, a wonderful French farmhouse style kitchen created by chef Annie Smithers.

Located in the heart of Trentham, one of the gems of the cool country, du Fermier takes its inspiration from classic French farmhouse cooking. Each weekend Annie lovingly creates a menu that features things that are ready in the garden and some of the finest meats and/or poultry from the surrounding region.It is comfortable honest food for sharing with friends.


Lunch | Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

P| 5424 1634
A | 42 High Street, Trentham

The time is fast approaching for Annie to leave on her extended trip around France. For all of September Annie will be away, but du Fermier will still be open, all be it in a slightly different guise.

The effervescent Ingrid Gaiotto is a hospitality professional, interior designer and educator, originally from Biella in Piemonte, Italy. Together with her family, she now calls Castlemaine home where they have been offering their own little slice of Italy at a restaurant called Origini. Her passion for all things Italian inspired In giro Tours, which offers a unique boutique travel experience in Piemonte and other parts of Italy. With eyes a-twinkle, arms wide open and lashings of generous spirit, she hosts ‘la tavolata'.

Carly Lauder, former cook of Bress Winery and events curator and caterer, who works alongside Annie Smithers and the small team at du Fermier, takes the reins from Annie in her absence. In the kitchen, she’ll be preparing fresh ingredients with love, tinkering away at the stove, adding her flare to new dishes, using old traditions and telling a story of travel, hard work and the importance of generosity.

Join us for an intimate and indulgent Italian feast where you will enjoy a symphony of feasting that is rustic, yet crafted and celebrates people coming together through the alchemy of food, wine and story!

Friday September 1st until Monday October 3rd, 2017 Friday through until Monday lunches Saturday lunches and dinners Bookings through the restaurant @ Du Fermier. Call Carly (03) 5424 1634

$69 4-course set-menu $130 4-course set-menu with wine match